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Nabeeda Round the Corner Ni-Cons My name is Nabeeda, I’m on my placement year and I’ll be documenting this journey for you. I’m working for a company called This blog will help you learn about how to get a job and keep it too 🙂 



I left really early as it was the first day and I wanted to make a good impression, as they say first impression is last impression.

I had 30 minutes left and I was now outside the office, all nervous but excited to begin my first day of work life.

I walked in to the office with a smile because that’s the number 1 tip for looking confident. I met my manager and the intern who was supposed to be training and I said hi to everyone as being a new girl in the city and the office, its important to get to know everyone so I spoke to everyone on my first day.

The first day is when I was fed so much information that if I was fed that much food, I would throw up. The trick is to take a note of everything and ask question because you’d rather ask a question than get something wrong because one mistake could cost a company thousands of £££££s.


Round the Corner Ni-Cons
Take a note of everything and ask question because you’d rather ask a question than get something wrong.


When we went for lunch I chatted to new people because its important to network no matter how big or small the team is. After lunch, it was back to work. Important thing for an intern to remember is that if you have nothing to do then ask for work because its important to show your commitment and work ethic from day one.

After 10 hours, loads of information and several tasks I was ready to go home.

My lesson from the first day was that every manager is different and its important to adapt yourself to them, ask for work and more work if you’re free, network and speak to everyone because connections lead to future opportunities and lastly, try and have a bit of fun.

Working so many hours can be a killer so its important to have laugh and just enjoy the experience.

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