Your Corner: Make every minute counts!

I have recently moved to Spain for a 7 months job.

Palma de Mallorca is the most relaxed and chilled out place ever; people take time off work to go to the beach and have afternoon naps and shops close down in the afternoon to take some time out. That is something Londoners should learn from them, as we live in such a pressured city where whatever we do stress us out, so, having a more relaxed outlook can be helpful.

On the other hand, I have learnt that people in Spain tend to be always late as a consequence of how relaxed they are. Personally, I don’t like people being late – as I am always on time or 15 minutes early to everything I go to. Someone may say I should adapt myself and be late too, as it is important to adapt to the environment we are in, to ensure a successful integration. But, I don’t agree with this particular situation.

We have to adapt to our surroundings and try to fit in by changing to the positive things such as learning the language and accepting the food. I totally disagree, as making my late purposely would be a negative habit.

So, what did I do? Rather than getting annoyed at people or changing my habit, I arrived on time or earlier as usual, but I carried a book or something else that needed to be done. How did this prove to be useful?

Well, over the month, I managed to read ‘The Alchemist’; a book that expanded my thinking. I managed to write this post while waiting for people and I also worked on my new blog. What we don’t realise is that over the days, weeks and months the 5-10 minutes that seemed minor, started adding up and if we use them constructively we could have bigger results and higher chances of success.

This doesn’t mean that we should be working 24/7, but that we can use some of our time in a more effective way. For instance when waiting for the bus, or in line to get a coffee or the time at the Dentist’s clinic but his last appointment is overrunning, we could use those few minutes to make a to do list for the day, to book other appointments or draft an email we’ve been meaning to send for a while.

Just like every penny counts, so does every minute.

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