Your Corner: Finding a job in the real world

Finding a job can be hard work and wherever you go you hear something new and you think what should I do and what shouldn’t I do?

As a student this process is made even longer with employers wanting many years of experience without actually realising that it’s hard to get a job in the first place!
But what can you do to help yourself?


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Well the first step is to know yourself inside out; what do you like? What are you good at? What skills do you need to develop? And what is something you would never do?
This will give you a good starting point for what you should be looking for when finding jobs.
Then when you apply for jobs, make each application unique, but that doesn’t mean spend 5 hours on one because that’s just not possible. As a student who was looking for a placement and applied to over 80 places, making each application unique will be time consuming. Just research each company a little bit and show off that knowledge on your application.


Ring ring! Ring ring! You have been called for an interview!
Time for celebrations but also time to prepare for it. This is the time to research the company inside out, their news article, competitors, new markets, new products etc.
But the most important thing to prepare for the interview is your answers to competency questions. Think of all the relevant skills and when you’ve portrayed them. Show them PASSION for the job, the company and them sector. This will take you so far! No one wants to interview someone who doesn’t care about the job.


Confidence is also key in this situation and it really isn’t an easy thing to have especially when you’re being stared at by two people who are waiting for you to answer. My solution to this is fake it till you make it!
I’m not confident either but I fake confidence by smiling and trust me it works. Ace this and you could have the job!
Interviews can be scary but some preparation can go far. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! 
Following these steps doesn’t guarantee you a job because along with all this comes the extra things such as voluntary work, part time jobs and extra activities at school or college.
They all count.


So next time when an opportunity knocks, open the door and accept it because it could be the first step to your future career.


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