Your Career: LinkedIn – What are you waiting for?

Despite being very similar to Facebook in some aspects, LinkedIn’s purpose is completely job related.

Its definition is merely a business and employment-oriented social network targeting professionals. In few words? It’s your online professional display!

It enables you to:

  • Find a job according to your skills
  • Enhance your visibility: be found by recruiters
  • Keep in touch with your old professional connections and to create new ones
  • Promote your business at no extra costs
  • Get connected to the INfluencers (the experts)

Whether you are a CEO of a big company, the owner of a small cafe in East London, a recent graduate or a student, thanks to LinkedIn you can expand your network of professional connections by adding them (like on Facebook).

You also have the same option to accept or ignore the request you receive. You can post on your homepage, tag other users, send and receive private messages.

Besides you can follow the companies you are interested in and interact with them as they often posts job opportunities you might find interesting for your career growth.

Rather than sharing your daily activities with your friends, you use LinkedIn to show your professional achievements and projects, as well as giving tips and advice (e.g. how to cope with a difficult client or how to use effectively negotiation skills).

If you still don’t have a profile you can create it in few minutes, just make sure you use a proper email address to be shown on your profile, and a nice photo of yourself, that shows ‘the real professional yourself’.

On LinkedIn you expose your work experience (even the least important you have ever done), your education history, your awards (in case you have any) and your achievements. On the paper version of your CV you better keep just the relevant experiences for the job you are applying for, whereas, being LinkedIn a longer version of your resume, you can complete it with links and photos, details and you can also tag those who have collaborated with you on a particular project!

It’s simply much more interesting than a black on white paper story of yourself. If you haven’t got one, let’s create one!

Your LinkedIn profile step by step:

Your Description:

Few lines to say who you are, keep a formal style and never forget that your profile might be your ‘passepartout’ for your future employment.


Use a catchy headline to summarize who you are (try to use key words to be easily found by headhunters!)

Work History

List your work experience, highlighting your best skills


Choose carefully which skills you want to show on your profile, as you will have the chance to be endorsed by your connections. (Never forget to return the favour accordingly)

Charitable work

Choose anything that shows that you care about a specific cause (e.g. children, animal rights, poverty) and you are not just a career focused individual


If you know more than one language select your level of knowledge

LinkedIn is the perfect social media for any kind of professional: the more complete and nicely written your profile is, the higher chances you will have to be found by recruiters and head-hunters. What are you waiting for?


I have been living in London for nearly 10 years. My blood is Italian and my heart is British. I am passionate about coaching, TED talks and women empowerment. I am the Director of Ni-Cons Career Consulting  and the Co-founder of Round the Corner.

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