Working by the beach isn’t that great!

I recently moved to Palma de Mallorca. A dream come true! Living and working near the beach.  

What more could I want? But with every opportunity and every dream there comes a challenge.

If you are wondering what could be challenging about Palma, well first of all, I start work at 3:30 PM in the afternoon.

Ideally there should be nothing wrong with that: lie-ins every day and staying up late every night – dream of every person in their twenties. Alas, the reality is never that pretty and grass is always greener on the other side.

When I was working in Berlin I was dreaming to move somewhere by the Mediterranean sea, but now that this is my patch of grass, it is hard to stay motivated. What I mean by that is, that I am not as efficient as I used to be as I was becoming lazier.

When I had to get up at 9 AM for work I would get up and be productive till the end of the day and go to bed at night having done a lot and achieved all the goals I had set myself. Whereas, with this job I was getting up at 11 AM and not leaving my bed till after 12 wasting half my day when I could have been working on my University essay or on the final year preparations.

I wasn’t proud of myself and I knew I had to change. I started to set myself real goals, convincing me that my work day started at 11 AM (It means I should still take advantage of the late start).

This meant I would get up at 9:30 AM and have breakfast, get ready and then get on with the things I needed to do for the day. Go to work and then go to bed at a good time.

The idea of a 7-day weekend and no weekdays sounds fantastic, but the reality isn’t that great. It makes you lazy and you never get anything done.

Sometimes, you need to focus and step up to the challenge and set yourself strict goals or you will start falling behind.

We live in a competitive world, therefore, it is important to work on yourself every day so you can become better than yesterday.

See every challenge as an opportunity and plan your steps to success and you will always win.

Sometimes we need goals to achieve something big, but it’s also true that goals can help us win the small battles that we have against ourselves.

When you start to achieve your dreams, then – and only then –  there is nothing wrong with taking a break on the beach.


Nabeeda Bakali

My name is Nabeeda, I’m on my placement year and I’ll be documenting this journey for you. I’m working for a company called This blog will help you learn about how to get a job and keep it too


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