Why you should never underestimate a student’s term-time job

In my current job, I work with children of varying ages. I came to realize that working with kids can help you develop a lot of skills but most importantly, it helps you develop patience – which you need a lot when you work with a 4 years old!

On the other hand, patience is a skill that I can use in my personal life too.

I then started thinking about other jobs that students often do while studying and all the skills they may learn:

  1. Shop Assistant: This is an important job as when you get badly treated by a customer – and it will happen – or when you see people putting things in the wrong place on purpose, you promise yourself you will treat your staff better. This pays off in the world of work as you start treating everyone with respect and valuing everyone’s input. Once you have been on the other side as a sales staff you also become a better customer.

Skills learned: Communication, Problem Solving, Customer Service

  1. Waiter and Barista: Waiting staff are often treated rudely and bossed around. But, once you have had this job yourself you realise how hard it is to stay on your feet the whole time running around. You start showing more respect and politeness to the waiters rather than clicking fingers in their face. That’s an important life lesson because ‘you should always treat people who are handling your food, nicely!’

Skills learned: Multi-tasking, Customer service, problem solving, working under pressure

  1. Cleaners: Over the years I have seen cleaners get a lot of disrespect because of the work they do. But I feel once you have had that job you start acting better. People often create messes they would never create if they had to pick up after themselves and with this job you learn to pick up after yourself to ensure other people don’t have to deal with your crap. This is great for other jobs too as you start working more neatly and are less wasteful.

Skills learned: Organizational, Multitasking and self-Management

These are only a few of the jobs I think people should try at least once. If not all three, then at least one.

They teach life skills that can be useful in the world of work and in your personal life too

After my work experiences I understood how important are these skills. Besides, employers want to hire skilled and respectful people, in order to have a nicer work environment.

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