Why you should always go for an internship

When we understand that reality is different from what we have imagined, we start seeing things clearly. That’s what happened to me.

I am so punctual that I am always 15 minutes early to meetings – and if people aren’t at least 5 minutes early too, I believe they are late. I always make sure to present myself nicely everywhere I go, I am ready to work extra hours to carry out a given project, I socialise with the people I work with and I do my very best to create meaningful relationships.

Lately, I wasn’t really making much progress though. Every single morning I snoozed my alarm until I had no choice but to get up. I didn’t put any efforts to dress up well, no attention whatsoever on my makeup and hair. I was at work exactly on time – or a few minutes late; that definitely wasn’t me.

I had to confront myself: I knew something was wrong and different. I knew I was enjoying the travelling and the Berlin lifestyle. On weekends I would be super busy, socialising with new people and exploring the city. But as soon as the week started I felt gloomy, lost and irritated.

In those lost moments somewhere, I realised it was because I didn’t enjoy my work any longer. That’s why getting up every day was so hard!
I was heading to a place where I would have been stuck on a job I wasn’t really enjoying. Eventually admitting to myself, I didn’t make an effort to look good because I didn’t feel good.

This wasn’t at all because the company was a bad place to work or because I didn’t like working with my colleagues, it was just that I didn’t like my role – hence, the tasks I was carrying out.


When people say you should pick a job you love and everyday would be worth it, it is absolutely true!

Having a job I love doesn’t mean everyday is fun and great, but it means that I am able to put up with the bad days thanks to my deep passion. I can give my 110% and be happy because it is a commitment I am more than willing to take.

This is why an internship is so important: it can help you define what you do and don’t enjoy.

This whole critical situation made me realise that while SEO and website design might not be interesting to me, I might actually enjoy social media marketing.  In a world filled with millions of jobs it’s hard to choose what you could do based on assumptions, but being able to tick off some things you don’t want to do on your full-time job is definitely a good start.

Thanks to this experience when I graduate, I will be more prepared for what’s coming.

An internship is good experience because it prepares you to be part of the real world, where you can’t keep changing jobs. Overall, my internship was important because I learnt new skills even if I may not use them in the future.

I hear a lot of people say that internships are a waste of time, but you need to remember you don’t know what you like or what you might be really good at until you have tried it.

When I started this internship I thought website design and SEO would be fun and I had different perceptions about social media marketing. But now that I have spent 3 months in the Marketing department, my views are completely different.

My advice is to never turn down the opportunity of an internship!

Now, it’s time for me to move on to a new job experience, I am going with an open mind and lots of hope. It could be the thing I would love to do for the rest of my life or the job I would never want to do, but I am confident it will be an experience that will help me choose a career after I graduate.

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