Why Ethics is essential in business

What makes up a strong, successful organization?

Most people would say that the performance, the management, and the structure of an organization defines its success. While this is true, the people behind the organization is the biggest asset.

People are responsible for creating the character and the image of the company, and an element that is often overlooked in the work environment is ethics. Ethics concerns using ones principles to help make moral decisions. From a business standpoint, ethics involves making honest decisions, fair competition, and acting within the law.

To better understand the importance of ethics in the workplace, here is a scenario: two companies are in the business of opening up restaurants.

Company A has many clients, and is known for opening up restaurants in a speedy fashion. In order to meet the many demands of their clients, Company A produces quick, but sloppy work. In Company A, management finds restaurant properties outside of the desired budget set by their clients, provides minimal graphic design assistance, and does not go the extra mile. It might be successful in the short run.   

Company B has a lower amount of clients as Company A, but Company B is known for the quality of work that they provide their clients. Company B does not open restaurants as soon as Company A, but they take the time to listen to their client needs, which helps them to create individualized restaurant concepts that lead to establishing successful businesses. They might struggle sometimes, but their satisfied clients will bring other clients. They will succeed in the long run. 

Which company would you rather work for? Hopefully you would like to work for the company that keeps their clients best intentions in mind!

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Having a code of ethics in the office can be crucial to the reputation of an organization.

It is quite simple: an organization that operates on poor values will not be number one in their field. A company that is known for their lack of character is generally unattractive, and clients will look elsewhere in order to get the high-standard of work that they deserve.

The code of ethics that management holds is particularly important, and can make or break an organization. When the management in an organization holds themselves to a higher conduct, employees are sure to follow the example that is being set. If a manager is not upholding strong ethics, employees will not either. Managers work with all kinds of people such as clients, employees, and senior executives, so managers constantly need to be acting in ways that promote good company values. Leaders should know that others look up to them, it is key to behave ethically since employees will follow the example.

Along with producing consistent results, employees and consumers are looking to work with an organization that values integrity, as this makes for a comfortable work environment. By setting moral standards, employees will gain a sense of satisfaction by knowing the company they work for values the character of its people, and truly aims to satisfy their clients and customers.

Holding a company, its management, and employees to a code of ethics is not always an easy task. External temptations can be hard to resist, but reminding yourself and your employees of the positive outcomes that come with acting in line with a code of ethics is sure to create success. Don’t overlook it whatever your role in the company. 

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