Why a Cover Letter is so important when applying for a job?

When it comes to hunting down a job, one of the most important things that pop inside our mind is creating a powerful resume. Professionals and job aspirants spend a lot of time in brushing their resumes. They try out various samples and templates, before giving their CV a final form. However, it is important to keep in mind that there is something else that is equally important as your resume: we are talking about your cover letter.

A cover letter is definitely as important as your curriculum vitae. The content of your cover letter matters a lot in determining how the recruiters will perceive you and your talent as most of the time is the first contact they have with you. Being said that, it does not mean that you have to come up with a long one, jotting down words unnecessarily.

Rather, it has to be crisp, well expressed, and impressive, surely not a short version of your CV.

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But why a cover letter is so important?

When creating a resume, you cannot express your true colours and your passion regarding the specific job you have applied for. You cannot tweak many things in your CV. Hence, it limits the scope to impress your employer.

Most of the resumes look almost the same and recruiters tend to feel bored after going through a dozen of them, but the cover letter provides you a good opportunity to offer something fresh and unique, which in turn can grab their attention.

Through the cover letter, you can communicate in a powerful way. You can make it attractive and compelling as well.

It can help you express your desire to take up this new job and what aspects make you highly fit for this position. In addition, you can also explain how your contribution can prove beneficial for the company. 

So, basically, the cover letter provides you a platform to express yourself in a very open and impressive way. 

When writing a cover letter, you also need to put down your thoughts in a very careful way. You have to use your knowledge base to make it information rich. In addition, you also need to develop an understanding that how to engage the reader and make an impression in his or her mind. 

A cover letter is a way to know how much deeply you have involved yourself to get this job. Researching on the company and using some details in the cover letter can be quite effective.

In most of the cases, the recruiters do give more importance to the cover letter as they often do not even look at the resumes if their attention is not caught by the cover letter.

Spending a good amount of time in creating a powerful and interesting cover letter is definitely worth it.

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