We all need to talk about ourselves: how should we do it?

Different people have different kind of personality, and you can distinguish them according to the way they talk.

If you notice the way a person talks, you can guess a lot about his or her personality.

You might have come across people who talk a lot about themselves. They keep on blabbering about their achievements, experiences and views regarding various matters. No doubt, most of us find such people a bit annoying. But, it is also said that it is good to talk about your achievements and views. So, which one is more correct?

Narcissist or Self Confident?

People who talk a lot about themselves are often called as narcissists. In society, it is considered as a bad when a person keeps on blowing his or her own trumpet. But, studies show that it is also somewhat better to be expressive about your thoughts, views, likes, and dislikes. All you have to do is maintaining a balance. Being expressive about yourself increases your self-confidence, which in turn shows in your personality. You are able to gel with other people in a much better way.

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Pride and ….

Talking about yourself also helps you socialize in a much better way. But, you have to keep in mind that your words and sentences should not exude pride or arrogance. You have to be modest with whatever you say about yourself and the achievements you have made. Otherwise, you may be tagged as someone who is very showy, and hollow from inside.

Respect other’s point of view

When you talk about yourself and your views about a certain topic, you should not have to be too much assertive with your tone. When you talk about yourself in a group of people, you are actually helping others know you in a better way. You can make yourself look as a friendly guy, rather than someone who is obnoxious or arrogant. As a result, it helps others to get closer to you, and they feel a sense of comfort while talking to you. In short, if you want to socialize then talking about yourself can help a lot.

Show Your Best Side

The only thing you have to remember is not being rude or arrogant. Since every person has his own ego and personal space, therefore entering into their zone can create a bad impression. For this reason, you have to play this game carefully, without stepping into anyone’s ego or self-respect. If you can do it, you will be able to create a powerful and confident image of your personality. People will consider you as someone who has been successful in his or her life.

Be (genuinely) interested

Apart from talking about yourself, you should also show interest in knowing about the views of the people you are talking to. In this way, you can make them feel good, which in turn will make you more likeable among them!

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