This Is Why You Should Always Go For A Job Interview


Has it ever happened to you to have an interview for a job you are not – completely – sure about?

Well, who hasn’t?

The best thing you can do is to play the game anyway – as you might really want that job after all – and go for the interview.

No, it is not a waste of your precious time. And let me tell you why.

Interview - Round the Corner

You’ll Never Know
It may happen that you go for the interview and while talking to the recruiter you realise how much you like the environment and you feel the essence of the company as something palpable.


Empathy: Try Me!

Sometimes it is just not the job itself, but also the people you can find in a work environment.

Empathy is the ability to comprehend and experience what someone else feels, the ability of being aware of other people’s feelings and needs.
You may find yourself in agreeing with the company’s vision and objectives realising that it can be the right place for you. 


Hidden Opportunities – much more interesting!

On the other hand, the recruiter can spot straight forward that you are not the right person for that role.

However there might be another position in the company that hasn’t been posted yet. It could be your opportunity, a chance you can take advantage of only because YOU WERE THERE. 


Ye Olde Recruiter

The role of a Recruiter can be seen from two different perspectives: an alley or the worst enemy. A recruiter has the power to choose whether you are right or not for a job. Nevertheless a recruiter is a human being, this means that can make mistakes, be tired or just distracted.

A recruiter’s aim is the future of the company is hiring for.  


Show Respect

As mentioned, regardless if you like the person who is recruiting or not, never disrespect them. If you don’t want to proceed with an interview simply let them know with a quick email. Nothing is worse than keeping a free slot for someone that already knows will never show up for the interview. 

If you show a non professional attitude, it is utterly unlikely to be re-considered for another role.  


You never know where the next opportunity is hiding, just keep a professional behavior and you will be rewarded for it.  

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Good Luck!!

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