The Beginners Guide to Interviewing

Walking into an interview can be a stressful experience, and can be especially challenging if it’s your very first one. There are many different factors that lead to a successful interview, and we’ve compiled our best tips to help you land your dream role!

1.Learn about the company: The first key to having a successful interview, is to come in prepared. Recruiters want to see that you’ve done your homework, so browsing the company website and learning basic facts is a must. When doing your research, make sure to note the background of the company, who is in charge, the products and services that are provided, and what sets the company apart from its competitors. The more you know, the better off you will be.

writing black and white2. Dress for success: Do not overlook the way you present yourself. You are expected to dress professionally and appropriately for your interview. The second you walk into the room, the interviewer has immediately formed a first impression of you, and you want to make sure it’s a good one. When considering what to wear, a well-fitted suit is the best option for both men and women. Also, avoid flashy colours – black, navy, and brown are always the best choices.

A good rule to follow is to dress how your future boss usually would. It is no secret that looking your best helps to boost your confidence!

3. Practice: Your interviewer is going to ask you a variety of questions to understand your personality and your qualifications to see if you are the best fit for their company. There is no way to know exactly each question that you will be asked, so researching common interview questions and preparing a few answers is sure to benefit you. After you understand the types of questions you may be asked, grab a friend and have them interview you. This is a great way to ease any initial nerves or stress that you may have, and is an opportunity for you to gain some constructive feedback and to fix weaknesses that you can identify.

4. Presentation: Interviewing is a nerve-wracking experience, but do your best to relax. Your body language says a lot about your confidence level, so remember to smile, stay still, and maintain eye contact with the recruiter.

Make sure to think a moment before answering a question, and speak slowly and clearly. After the recruiter has interviewed you, take the time to ask questions of your own. This is now your chance to see if you can envision yourself working for this company.

5. Exit: Leave the interview with a friendly attitude, firmly shake the interviewer’s hand, and thank them for their time. Recruiters interview a great deal of candidates each day, so following up by sending the recruiter a handwritten note or an email is a great way for you to stick out amongst the crowd, and to show that you have a genuine interest in working for the company.



Interviewing is a very important piece of getting your dream job, but remember that there is no such thing as a perfect candidate. Getting called in for an interview shows that the company sees potential in you, and this is your chance to show off your best qualities. Following these tips will help you enter the door, but if you really want the role, you have to put in the effort. Preparation, confidence, and a positive attitude are sure to make for a successful interview outcome.

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