Student Life vs Working Life

Student Life vs Working Life
“It’s only a fool who is not adjustable to change”


If you were to conduct a study on how people were coping with life after school, you would be amazed at the changes they had to make to adjust to their current lifestyles. After clearing college, I thought that the life after was pretty much the same to what I was used to in school. I cannot complain because the beauty of life is all about changes and adapting to the changes, right?

In the first couple of months, many people struggle with things like; attitude, responsibility, and surprisingly, their dress code too! What are the main differences that many people come across when transitioning from school life to working life?

Time Management

There is a major difference on how we utilize time while in school and at workplaces. On average, 29 percent of students only show up in class to take exams or borrow notes since they waste their precious time doing less important things such as meeting up with their friends. On the flip side, 29 percent of workers call in sick at least once a year.

Did you know that the estimated time a student spends on a vacation is 22 weeks? 

Leisure time is greatly reduced in the corporate world. According to research, a student gets 3.6 hours to engage in sporting activities while a person who is working gets at least an hour less of the time the student gets.

Priorities clearly change when you are working and you will have to manage your time accordingly.


With work, come responsibilities in form of punctuality and accountability. While you were a student, you could skip classes due to hangovers after heavy drinking the previous night. But this ends when you start working since you have to report to work on time and because your pay slip depends on your productivity and performance.  

Most learning institutions have generous meal plans that offer a variety of options for students. But when you start working you have to be responsible and make sure that you eat a balanced diet. In doing this, you won’t fall into a nutrition gap.

Money comes with responsibilities that are to be catered for, such as rent, bills, entertainment, meals and student loans. You have to analyze your resources to find a balance between what you want and what you can afford. As a student, all your bills were catered for by your parents thus the pocket money you were given was spent extravagantly. 

Social Environment

It is so easier to make friends in school than at work since you have so many people to choose from and more time to hang out with them. However, when at work, you have to keep in mind that the point of work is work, and you cannot devote as much social time as you would at school.

Dress Code

Who would question you about how you are dressed when attending classes? As a student, normally you can wear whatever you like, put on any hairstyle and have as many tattoos and piercings you would wish to have because no one really cares about how you look. Most companies have dress codes, so when you start working, your wardrobe has to change drastically. This will affect your general outward appearance from your hairstyle down to the type of shoes you wear.

It’s definitely not as scary as it might sound. As long as you choose a job you like and manage to keep your life balanced, you will surely enjoy the challenges, independence and responsibilities that come when start working. 

As philosophers say, “it’s only a fool who is not adjustable to change.” With every change that comes your way, you have to adjust to it positively. 

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