Your Corner: The secret to become a great Leader

“The first man who, […] bethought himself of saying  “This is mine”, and found  people simple enough to believe him, was the real founder of civil society.”  (Jean Jacques Rousseau, A Discourse on the Origin of Inequality.)

These are the words of the French writer and philosopher Rousseau. According to him, the human beings are free creatures who depend on nobody. This was one of the most influential concepts in the society of the 18th century and this idea came up after centuries of discrimination and injustices between the different social classes: it was a traditional hierarchical society where the  leader was still a despotic and anarchic person who wanted to have the control of everything and everyone. Things and visions changed with the passing of time until nowadays.  Organizations have changed over the past several decades, developing a new civil and agreeable relation between the leader and the employee.                                                                        

Who is the leader today?
The “leader” is not someone who just tells his workers what to do; he’s a guide for every person who decides to be with him.
A leader has an essential role in the teamwork, he has to figure out his real purpose that it isn’t about the assumption of a more relevant position and the acquisition of a boundless power in comparison to his workers. The leader must be a guide to always rely on, and an inspiration for everyone.    


What is the secret of a good teamwork?
The aim of the leader must be the same of the employee. He must reflect the belief of his fellow. They have to feel a sense of connection. Only in this way the workers will put loyalty, respect and required results on him. They are a team. It is not a case that the best profits and best results come from a team that works in unison and above all believes in the same aim. But the crucial element, on which every action is based, is the motivation.

If a leader cannot motivate his employees, he will surely fail his work. The mankind evolved but we live in a business society, where people become machines, constantly stressed by their boring routine. The majority of employees are often brought to hate their own work because of the bad working atmosphere. The real problem is that they have forgotten the real sense of what they are doing.

This chaotic and insensitive society inculcates this statement: “If you do this, then you get that”. Everything is by now finalized to the reward.                                                                     

What about creativity, passion, curiosity, caring, determination? It’s all about a wrong approach that must be changed and must be built much more around the desire to do things because they really matter, and are part of something important. Motivation has a basic importance for every worker, who always have to bear in mind some doubtless principles like the desire to do always better and better in something that really matter, and the idea to do his own job even for the service of the community and not just for himself.  These are the feelings and the values that a good leader must teach to his team.

Our world has so many examples of men who really changed the course of events, who really guided thousands and thousands of people. One of most representative figures was Martin Luther King. He said “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals” (Martin Luther King)

He was able to widespread his ideologies and rooted visions of the world, which reunited a huge number of people, ready to follow him around the entire world, if necessary. The reason why all those people had so much motivation was because the ideas of Martin Luther King touched their human needs. That’s basically how motivation works. Because deep down we follow the leader not for him, but just for ourselves. It’s a path that ends with the personal satisfaction of our own ego. After all, this is the purpose of every man in this world, that is to say reaching the own feeling of completeness.

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