My Phone was stolen! – How to be careful when living abroad

I normally tend to write about how to make an impression with the boss or getting through your internship. But, today I will talk about something that will help you not just in your work life but your personal life too.

Few weeks ago I moved to Berlin for my internship and I was having a great time. An amazing opportunity to learn about a new culture and new environment. However, after 4 weeks spent in the German Capital my phone was stolen!

It was taken out my pocket as I came out of the Subway near my house. As soon as I realised it was stolen, I run home to ask my flatmate to ring the police. Immediately I went to the police station to file a report. Picture this: Being in a different country, not speaking the language at all, without my phone – I was completely lost!!

Finding myself without my phone I realised how much I depended on it for several things; from using it as an alarm in the morning, to staying in contact with my parents back in the UK.
I felt like if I was isolated.

This is not an accuse to the city of Berlin, actually in this terrible scenario I have learnt an important lesson: first of all I can actually get up without an alarm, I can use a map to find my way around and I can communicate with Germans well enough when I get lost.

A precious life lesson where I have learnt more about myself.

Ultimately I learnt to face my fears, as every day I go through the same subway station and the exact same exit where I was robbed from. Every day my heartbeat quickens a little as I walk towards those stairs. But I take courage and I do it anyway despite I could easily use another exit and feel a lot safer and relaxed. But I also know that the day I use the other exit, I will give in to my fear.

By using the same exit, I remind myself everyday that I am stronger than my fear and I can deal with anything that comes my way. I just have to face it rather than run away from it. True strength is when we deal with a problem even if we are scared.

Amazing things happen outside of our comfort zone. We never know where this journey will take us.

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