Knock down that wall

There is one person that doesn’t allow you to reach your goal, that makes sure you give up on your dreams, someone who has a very harsh yet discouraging attitude. Do you know this person? You probably know who I am talking about.

That person is YOU.

Every time I coach someone, their ‘Naysayer’ side tries to show up to cast a gloom over any positive decision towards the future. Especially at the beginning of a career coaching journey, your dark side of the moon pops out whispering something demotivating, making sure you don’t aim high.

Fear not dear reader, as that’s what a coach is for: to make sure you clearly understand how much you worth. And, of course, to make sure you will stop demotivating yourself.


Because you’re worth it

A very well-known brand of beauty products started few years ago its campaign motivating women all over the world. The message was clear “Wash your hair with our shampoo, we love you, and we appreciate your value”. When it’s about coaching, the brand of your body lotion doesn’t really matter. The only thing that does, is you.

Your life, your aims and your talents. At the beginning of any coaching pathway it might be difficult to highlight and understand your strengths.

Trust your coach, the more you will open up the easier will be for you to understand your objectives and to be eventually satisfied of your future career and life fulfillment.


MY goal is mine – not my parents’

Although the majority of my clients are students and recent graduates, I have several adults asking for help. Regardless their age, their status and their background, anyone, at least once in a lifetime – I can honestly say – needs a coach.

It’s shocking to learn how many people are planning their lives according to what their parents chose for them; the real paradox is that some of them are grown-ups.

“You know, I have studied law because my grandfather was a lawyer, my father was a lawyer and it is my destiny too” claimed once one of my coachee. It’s fantastic, if it wasn’t that his dream was a completely different one.

The choice to live the life chosen by someone else will lead you to complete unhappiness.

As Oscar Wilde said: Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

If you can’t avoid it, befriend your obstacle

If your career is chosen and you are not in the position to change it, we can still work on it.

As a coach I can help you figure out your passions, those things that shape your life outside your work routine. I am not suggesting to revolution your existence and give up a job for something uncertain. But you can use your passions to be driven towards other goals and be happier.


The power of volunteer experience

According the statistics, 13.8m people in United Kingdom are volunteering regularly*. 

There are those who fly all the way to Africa or Latin America to help children and build schools and hospitals. Someone prefers to visit the elderly ones at the hospice every week. Some people are active members of their church or community.

In the UK, many generous ones gift their time to work in charity shops to support a cause they believe in e.g cancer research, homeless shelter, poverty etc. If you figure out a field you would like to support, find a way to get in. Being involved in the development and support of something you love is a good way to follow your passions without giving up your job.

A Coach will help you figure out how to find your real passions, how to apply your talents to reach any goals, but most of all, to knock down the wall of fear you have built around yourself. Why don’t you give it a try?



I have been living in London for nearly 10 years. My blood is Italian and my heart is British. I am passionate about coaching, TED talks and women empowerment. I am the Director of Ni-Cons Career Consulting  and the Co-founder of Round the Corner.

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