Interview Mistakes Saga – Episode 2

Here’s the new episode of our saga. It may not be Star Wars, but believe me it may be Legendary!

Either I was hiring for the companies I used to work with or for one of the clients, I have interviewed several types of candidates. Alas, the greatest part of them have never been trained to face any kind of professional job interview.

Here’s the most common mistakes the candidates have made while been interviewed.


You gotta Listen to me!

If you think that, no matter who is in front of you, you have to tell your opinion, this post is for you. During a job interview control yourself, even if you feel that zingy urge to communicate your ‘precious’ opinion to the world. In a workplace is unrealistic to survive if you expect your supervisor to follow your ‘advice’. An interviewee once declared: “I would listen to my managers ONLY if I can tell them my opinion first!”. Please, don’t forget that being humble is the key to success!


No Research Done

First things first. An employer assumes you have a certain knowledge of the company you are applying to. On the other hand, if you look for a job, you may have sent your CV to countless firms, therefore it is very unlikely for you to be informed about every single company. The best thing you should do as soon as the recruiter arranges an interview with you, is to gather all information possible about that very company. Read the history, investigate about the founders, watch videos if there are any. Be prepared to go extra mile and to make the best impression.

"Try to be the colleague/assistant you would like to have alongside you."
“Try to be the colleague/assistant you would like to have alongside you.”


Word Games? No thanks!

Avoid to make silly claims during the interview, when the recruiter asks you the reason why you would like to work for them, remember to give a good reason e.g. ‘because your company is one of the leading consultancy in Europe’ or ‘because it is a very well known and respected company’. Don’t try to be funny or play with words e.g. ‘I would like to work for Apple because that’s my favourite fruit!’, ‘I would love to work for LAURA ASHLEY because my name is Laura – too!’. Just few employers would find it funny, therefore don’t risk.


Don’t  be flirtatious

Something you would never think it may happen: interviewing someone who clearly states that is looking forward to working with such a charming manager. Don’t hit on your recruiter and do not make any comments about the marital status of your manager to-be. If the company that hires you is a serious one, it will never accept such a behaviour. On the contrary, if you show you have a work ethic and an integrity it will be much more rewarding!

Cry me a river …

Picture this: you are interviewing the best candidate – so far. You are sure they are going to make it. They were prepared and very professional. What can it go wrong?
You ask them how they would react in a certain situation, putting them in a stressful spot – but you are so confident that they will make it that you don’t even doubt about the outcome. It all starts with a slight body shaking followed by a cold silence. The candidate suddenly drowns in a sea of tears, sobbing excuses such as ‘I am very sensitive’ ‘I am sorry, I got nervous when you asked me the question!’. You have no choice but to say ‘Who’s next?’.

Don’t forget that during your interview the recruiter is wondering ‘Would I be happy to see and to work with this person every day for 8 hours straight?’, so, try to be the colleague/assistant you would like to have alongside you.

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