Intern Life: from UK to Berlin

A new office, a new environment, it’s a new life!

I went from having 5 people in my office to a 5 floors building, I have to say it was hard to take it all in as I found myself living in a new city, knowing nobody.

When I first stepped into the building, I was nervous and excited to meet the new people, after a quick introduction to my new team I was given the tasks to do. At the beginning, everything run smoothly, after only one week I was up to date with what I was doing. I would later found out that it was just the calm before the storm. As you know, at work you will always have periods where things are quiet and periods where things are so busy that you hardly get a chance to breathe. I was taught that a good employee is one that can manage both effectively.

During my 2nd week in the new office my time management skills were tested to the extreme as I tried to handle the work according to the tasks set in my calendar. I was collaborating with different managers on tasks with close deadlines, I admit I felt a strong time pressure.

On my ‘to do list’ there was: recruiting for Malaysia and Canada, working alongside the US marketing department as well as managing some quick tasks for the UK market. Besides, I have spent lot of time outside the office for meeting and general chores. I was no longer able to manage my time-table and I was simply exhausted. For this reason, I had to learn to take less workload on my shoulders.

Intern Ni-Cons Round the Corner

The simple N-O word’ is pretty hard to say for some people (i.e ME).

I had to remember to take a break from time to time, in order to have enough energy to meet the deadlines.

It’s a double edged sword, because as an intern, it can feel like you need to accept all the work given, with the aim to have a good reference at the end of the internship.

When I realised I was under too much pressure, I decided to speak to my manager asking if it was possible to slightly reduce some of the work and if it was possible to extend some deadlines as it was affecting the quality of my work.

My manager understood my point, as I am still learning to manage my time properly and he accepted to extend the deadlines, reducing the pressure for me.

I have learnt to explain and expose my point to a superior, even if I am only an intern, accepting that sometimes I have to take less assignments if I want to deliver an excellent service. Thankfully my boss was very understanding.

The journey continues…

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