How to make yourself comfortable in a new office environment?


It has often been seen that we human beings are not so much open to making changes in our lives. We often try to resist changes in our daily life routine. Sticking to the old environment makes us feel more comfortable; getting out of the nest is something we – consciously or not – tend to avoid. The same happens in the case of our professional lives.

When we have to join a new office, our mind starts playing tricks. It makes us feel a bit nervous and uncomfortable. No matter if you are joining an office for the first time, or switching to another company, adjusting in a new office environment certainly takes some amount of time. 


Hot to adjust to a new office environment

So, the basic question is- how to adjust or get acclimatized to a new office environment?

There are certain tips and tricks that you can keep in mind to make things easier for you. The transition phase can get a bit smoother if you follow the tips mentioned below:

  • First of all having a flexible mindset is quite necessary in this matter. You cannot be stubborn and expect everything to run in a smooth manner. You have to understand the mindset and office culture of the company you have just joined. Don’t forget you are the new member and you need to adapt – not the opposite.  
  • In case you have worked before, make a list of the aspects that you liked and disliked about its environment. Once you come up with such a list, you can compare it with the new office environment, and find out the cultural qualities that match with the previous ones. This will provide you some amount of confidence.
  • You need to take a close look at the décor and artefacts present inside the office. The photos and posters tell a lot about the work culture of an office. If the photos are humorous in nature, you can definitely expect the work culture to be flexible and light.
  • Social media can be very much helpful in getting mindset adjusted to the company’s office environment. You can join the Facebook and Twitter page of the new company; this way you can also make new friends, see what they are up to and have a little chat with them. You will be able to adjust in a quicker way.
  • Keeping your ears open is also necessary. You need to listen to the conversations happening around. This will help you get a closer understanding of the office politics, and you will be able to decipher the office culture in a much better way.
  • Finding a mentor/referent person is necessary. In every company and its workplace, you must find and choose someone who can guide you through the way of success. He or she can even help you in better understanding habits and norms of the workplace.

So, those were some of our tips you can keep in mind in order to adjust to a new work place. Having patience and self-confidence is absolutely necessary and do not forget to carry a smile on your face.

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