His Corner: Vinay – The Accidental Entrepreneur


I met Vinay at his office, at the top of a building in East London, the young and vibrant side of Greater London. He is very easy going for being an entrepreneur of a company located in 4 different countries all over the world. As for all my interviews, I break the ice asking my typical question. 

RTC: Who is Vinay?
Vinay: That’s a good question! I am the co-Founder of Capital Placement, I think at the moment is a big part of my identity. I would define myself as an accidental entrepreneur.

Anyone can become an entrepreneur

RTC: What makes you an entrepreneur?
V: I believe someone who has good ideas and implements them is an entrepreneur. If someone comes up with an idea on something that is already existing, it has to be either better quality or better value than what is already out there.

RTC: Tell us about your business
V: At Capital Placement we connect potential interns with companies all over the world – currently India, Singapore, Dubai and London. We take care of the things our clients usually dread about such as the visas, the accommodations and finding the internship, etc. We make the process seamless and since we take care of everything, the students can focus on what matters the most.

RTC: Tell us more about your programs all over the world
V: Each program is unique as every single country we send our students to has a strong identity. In India we have three different programs, each one of them is different: Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.
If I am allowed to compare them to the US, I would say that Bangalore is the San Francisco of India, those who chose it as a destination are those who want to develop IT and Tech skills. Mumbai is the financial capital, like New York. In Mumbai are located all the key financial institutions, whereas Chennai is the manufacturing center point of India – very similar to Detroit, or at least Detroit from a few decades ago. The biggest car manufacturing companies are based in Chennai, for this reason engineering students are those much more interested in having an experience there.

RTC: What’s the profile of your ideal student?
V: Our clients are from 18 to 25 years old and we ask them to have completed at least one year of university by the time they start the internship. We don’t have specific requirement, students have to be over 18 and they should respect some visa criteria.
If they pass the interview with us, we guarantee them a place in the first or second industry of their choice. Their choice includes, a starting date, a location and the industry. We can guarantee, if they pass the interview with us, they will be placed according to their expectations.

RTC: Why did you choose the placement industry as your first step into the business world?
V: Actually, it’s the industry that chose me! – he laughs – My business partner and I started at university. We were law students – young and naïve I would say – with an entrepreneurial flair, we helped some friends to get an internship and that’s how we started. Now we have a team of 17 people in six different countries, we have some great clients such as King’s College London.

RTC: Vinay your business seems to do incredibly well. What do you think is the secret of a successful business?
V: I think that you have to put your customer’s’ interest first. With us they invest money in their future and we appreciate the trust they have placed in us. Each and every aspect of our programs are carefully selected and put together.
For instance, the accommodations offered to our customers are selected by our team. We have personally stayed in the same places as the students as we want to be sure about what we offer. We make sure they are located in a central position, short walking distance to the gym, transportation and other amenities.

RTC: How old were you when you understood you wanted to be an entrepreneur?
V: I used to sell sweets in school when I was little, I believe I have always had an entrepreneurial attitude. I had a good eye for opportunities and gaps in the market. Even this very adventure of Capital Placement, it started as a hobby.

RTC: Among our readers there are youngsters willing to start their own business. What tips can you give them in order to become successful as you are?
V: You don’t need too much money to begin with. If you have an idea and you think is a good one, don’t hesitate, back yourself and create your own website and social media pages to promote it.
Anyone can become an entrepreneur as long as they have a good idea and execute the idea reasonably well.

RTC: You started at 20 year old. What advice your current self would give to the 20 year old self?
V: I would suggest to complete my studies, as studying law and having a business is very complex and intense.


If you want to learn more about Vinay and his company visit the company’s website www.capital-placement.com

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