Her Corner – Greta: my life as a Dating Coach

Today Round the Corner is just for girls! For the very first time we are talking about a universal problem…dating!

I met Greta during our women empowerment event, she is incredibly shiny and gifted with a rare Nordic beauty. It is still quite unusual for me to encounter dating coaches, and I couldn’t miss the chance! I wanted to learn more about her job – perhaps it will come handy!

Sorry boys, but Greta is exclusively a dating coach for girls!

RTC: As per every woman I interview I would like to ask “Who is Greta”?

Greta: I am a dating and relationship coach for women. My main aim is to offer help and guidance to women in order to bring the best out of their partners. I define myself as an entrepreneur, I am a writer, I wrote a book ‘Ways Men Test Women’. I once was a landscape architect, but I quit as I understood that being a coach is much more fulfilling.

RTC: When did you understand that being a (dating) coach was your call?
G: It all started years ago when I read some books written by coaches specialised in relationships. I then tried to apply what I have learnt to help my friends and my family. When I have realised that through coaching they were much happier in their relationships I have started to coach other people.

I teach my clients to control their emotions

RTC: Can you give us a successful example?
G: Oh yes! The sister of a friend of mine was in a relationship, but she felt he was taking her for granted and he didn’t really value her – Greta looks at me with her blue eyes and exclaims – I thought the situation was hopeless, but she didn’t want to give up on him. Relationship coaching is different to regular coaching, the role of the coach is to be much more assertive, so every day I was working with her (mostly over the phone). This girl started to see improvements in him right after 8 days of constant coaching, such as calling her more, inviting her to a romantic dinner. He gradually started to respect her more and to understand her value. Six months later he proposed and now they are happily married.


RTC: Wow! That’s a great achievement! You probably coach lots of girls (apparently pretty and smart) so what is their problem with them? Why can’t they find a boyfriend?
G: First of all, I would like to clarify that science plays an important role. Girls release hormones called estrogen, whereas men produce more testosterone. Estrogen make women more emotional and the biggest issues I observe is that many women are not able to control their feelings. I always say that it doesn’t matter if you are pretty, intelligent and you have an independent life but, if you can’t control yourself, emotionally-wise, the guy will probably lose interest in you. My very first teaching to my clients is to control their emotions.

RTC: Can you explain more in details?
G: I coach girls to control themselves when they feel insecure, jealous, crazy, possessive, needy and controlling.

I decide to challenge Greta and to give her a scenario to solve

RTC: A couple is out for a drink and he clearly flirts with another girl. How can a woman control herself?
G: First of all, if a guy flirts openly before your eyes, he’s just trying to make you jealous, which is a good sign. He simply wants to push your buttons – the real problem is if he flirts with someone behind your back, that’s worrying.
My suggestion for the girl is to ignore him, as she didn’t even notice he was flirting, for example, check her phone, go to the toilet, get another drink or if she is brave enough, to engage with the other girl too.

I ask Greta what she thinks about the intruder – A.K.A. the girl who flirts with someone who is clearly in a relationship

These kind of girls are of very low value, they don’t have my respect. I do not agree with their behaviour, in fact I have turned down some potential clients because they want to win the heart of someone who is married or in a relationship. If it’s not ethical, I choose not to coach them.

RTC: Who is your typical client and what are the most common issues?
G: My clients found me online, on my YouTube channel (link). I have clients from all over the world: from Abu Dhabi, to Iran, Australia, and America. I have understood that my advice goes beyond the distance and it works regardless if they are from the UK, New Zealand, Nigeria or India. Our emotional character is universal. If a woman is too controlling and text her partner every two minutes, the guy will lose interest. This works everywhere in the world. The most common problem is insecurity, which then leads us to be more controlling, and afterwards to act possessively. Another mistake women make is to become more caring, in this way we lose the excitement and guys no longer find it interesting. I coach girls to be more challenging, I can’t make a woman change her partner, I can just make sure she brings out the best in him, by being a highly valued girl.


RTC: Society is suggesting women to be sexy like a girl, but strong like a man. What does a man like?
G: Men love women of high value, someone who is feminine, who can control her emotions, a girl who values, loves and respects herself. Essentially someone who doesn’t go out of her way just to please a men all the time and put herself first.

RTC: What suggestion can you give to someone that is dating but it seems not to work out?
G: I would say, embrace what you have and who you are. Feel confident in your skin, understand your qualities and walk with your head up and never forget to smile. At the end of the day, a guy should like you because you are yourself.

RTC: Relationships are more successful when?
G: When girls stops being controlling, needy and possessive.


RTC: What advice would you give to your 20 years old self?
G: I would tell myself to follow dating coaches, read books about dating and…to listen to more to my dad! – she laughs – my dad gave me precious advice I should have listened to…now I know he knew it better!

If you want to get in touch with Greta here’s her website www.ladiesrelationshipcoach.com. You can see her videos on her YouTube channel @Dating Coach and follow her on Facebook @ladiesrelationshipcoach and Instagram @Ladies_relationship_coach.

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