Finding Stability in Your Wanderlust Life

There’s nothing more I love, than traveling.

With so many places to see, people to meet and food to eat, it can be hard to stay in one place for very long. If anything, the more I travel, the more of the world I want to see.

Travel is a perpetual cycle of growth and learning with no end or limitation.

For myself, the generosity and kindness of those I’ve met while abroad are the most treasured and valuable memories.

Travel is unpredictable. Living abroad, in particular, gives perspective into ways of life and cultures, which can be exciting, inspiring and, above all, different.

In my own experience, the biggest challenge of living abroad and frequently moving, is finding stability or routine.

For me, stability makes me feel secure and grounded. Routine keeps me focused and driven. But, when your “home” changes every few months and you’re thrust into a new environment, feeling secure and grounded can be all but impossible.

Here are a few tips I practice to make any place feel like home – even with a wanderlust lifestyle.

1.Commit to A Hobby

My go-to hobby is fitness, but more specifically running and yoga.

The first thing I do whenever settling into a new place is finding a community of life-minded individuals. Whether it’s a yoga studio or running club, I know I’ll have a better chance at connecting with people who share similar interests.

It’s also just plain fun to experience something you love in a new place and with new people.

2.Stay Connected to Your Roots

Family and friends are what keep me going when I hit a particularly challenging moment or rough patch.

It’s incredibly common to have feelings of homesickness, especially loneliness when living in a new country or city. Connecting with a loved one is a way of reminding yourself you are supported and never alone.

Kelly Round the Corner
If you’re feeling overwhelmed or challenged, embrace it

3.Always Carry A Piece of Home

When travel becomes your norm, you also become a more efficient packer. But, I always keep space for a few personal items or mementos from home.

You might consider bringing along a few photos, your favorite snack food or beauty products you’re not able to find abroad. Having small personal items from home adds familiarity to any environment.

4.Keep Perspective

Whenever I move to a new city or country and am experiencing doubt, I remind myself of the “bigger picture.”

Life is constantly in flux – every day is different from the next and nothing is permanent. Your current situation, whether it is your location, job or relationships with others, is not permanent.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or challenged, embrace it. Latch on to those moments and learn as much as you can.

If you don’t like where you’re at or what you’re doing – change it! Only you have the power to shape and change your future.

The biggest gift you can give yourself is letting go of fear and self-doubt. Once you’re able to truly believe in and support yourself, the possibilities are endless.

Kelly is currently living in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, where she is studying the science of well-being, meditation and yoga. She speaks German as a second language and is also learning Spanish. Her favorite cuisine is Korean, as well as favorite travel destination! Kelly is a middle child of five, an avid runner and a lover of dogs and books.

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