Feel like being motivated, or inspired? It’s time for a TED Talk!


I’m going to assume that you’re already aware of the world’s famous TED talks: it’s where individuals are summoned to come and give an eighteen minutes speech about something related to technology, entertainment, or design (TED). Admittedly, TED talks have silently transformed the way we behave, think and believe. Nevertheless, TED talks, education philosophies and thoughts have travelled from their speakers to the global audience through videos, blogs, as well as conferences.

Since 1984 TED talks have linked up to bring forth new thoughts and ideas to our lives. Both doers and thinkers from all the three arenas gather in the TED annual conferences held in Palm Beach, Edinburgh, UK and Long Island. These talks are not just inspirational and thought provoking. They are life changing!




You only have to glance through the best TED talks to understand that they are not just talks about transformation but futuristic ideas that will positively impact the younger generations. TED talks impact all spheres of our lives, but they have had a significant impact on education. It affects the way we teach, the way we learn, our current practices and theories, and extends deep into our children’s minds to see how their minds are shaping up.

Every TED talk is inspirational and motivates you to act and change. Even better, if you want to change your mind in an innovative way, you can pick out tremendous ideas from all TED talks. Ideally, all are priceless learning experiences. A glance at the top TED talks that will completely refresh your thoughts and that we, at Round The Corner, love the most:

If you have gone through even three of the listed TED talks, I’m certain you are already a changed individual by now. Imagine the change it would bring to the future generations simply by sharing these ideas and encouraging more independent thoughts.

Look no further, there is no better way to broaden your horizons than with a nice TED talk. 


Photo credit: lifehack.org

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