An empty office: what should you do?

By now my internship sounds like a dream with me being whisked away to Germany (during my first month! Of course everything paid by the company).

To add the cherry on top I had my own office for the week (for the record the office isn’t that big so it wasn’t scary or anything).

The week started and I already had a loads of tasks to do.
The main thing to remember is that just because no one is here, doesn’t mean you have to take it too easy, considering that your manager will see whether you are responsible and whether you are capable of working on your own.

I was busy with all the tasks I was set plus extra daily responsibilities. I replied to emails promptly and made sure all folders and files were up to date. Despite the load of work I had to do, by mid-week I was starting to loose my focus.

Picture this: I was all alone in an office working, while listening to music and no manager about.

Round the Corner Job Interview CV
This kept me going and I haven’t felt overwhelmed by the workload 


I eventually found the answer: I set mini-tasks and goals; by 11:00am I would try to complete all the purchasing and offline confirmations, by 2pm I would have a basic design for the presentation. This kept me going and I haven’t felt overwhelmed by the workload.

The next most important thing to ensure is to make sure you have tasks to do in order to keep yourself busy at all times. Just because no one is here doesn’t mean you can slack.

In case you run out of tasks ask your manager, he/she will be impressed by you – and you may also have strong references at the end of the experience.

If you find yourself getting bored while working, take a small break from time to time, have a coffee or tea, listen to a song to recharge your battery – I would just blast a bit of Beyonce or Rihanna and sing aloud while I was alone (!) at work.

Never forget that any whether you are in a crowded environment or in an office on your own, your manager will be somehow observing you and testing you so give your best performance as hard work now will lead to great references and future opportunities.

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