About Round the Corner



While living in London, Carla and Laura realized way too many people end up in a career that is not meant to be for them. Why? Because they did not see other options, because it was what the family expected from them, because money had to be the highest priority.All valid reasons, not good enough to spend your life doing something you do not love.

Living in a world with endless possibilities, it might be easier than you think, your path could be just “Round the Corner”.

Round the Corner is a blog born with the idea of creating and supporting the community of people that are entering the job market and are struggling with their own choices.It’s a space where anyone can share thoughts and personal experiences. We aim to help each other finding the right path. We are also founder of Ni-Cons Career Consulting 


Carla - Round the Corner


It all changed when I planned to study in Beijing for six months and I ended up living in China for 5 years. During my time there I managed to get good jobs, explore Asia, enjoy the company of amazing people from all around the globe, but what I really learnt is how life-changing it is to immerse yourself in a completely different environment and culture.

When I felt I got enough from Asia, I moved back to London where I have been living and working for the past few years helping students get internships.

What I will try to share with you is the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and how you can get amazed by the discovery of the ‘new you’.

One solution does not fit all, it’s time to find yours.  



Laura - Round the CornerI have been living in London for nearly 10 years. My blood is Italian and my heart is British.

I am passionate about coaching, TED talks and women empowerment.

I don’t just believe in people’s strengths but in their weaknesses, as if someone does not fail it would be impossible to grow, both personally and professionally.

I am fascinated by the uniqueness of people, inspired by their stories and lives. In my interviews you will get to know them, from all over the world – through my eyes. I want to tell you how they have made it, in order for you to be inspired by them.

I give motivational and career talks to youngsters. My main message is that anyone who ‘believes in the beauty of their dreams’* will make it too.