6 Steps to become a great Leader


Is never too early to start considering yourself as a Leader. Also you don’t really need to own an empire or to be Richard Branson to be a great one. Because a Leader is simply a person that inspires confidence in other people – it can be your teammates at Uni – and moves them to action.

Here are some tips that a good Leader has to follow to obtain excellent results and become a great leader: 

  1. A Great Leader has to be an energy source: he/she has to have a great physical and mental energy and has to know how to motivate and spur others: if he/she brings passion and positive energy, people around will be influenced and motivated too. This would be the good approach for every single day of work.
  2. A Great Leader has to know how to work and get accepted in a working atmosphere: there shouldn’t be distance between the master and the members because they have to feel part of the entire team/organisation in order to be motivated.
  3. A Great Leader has to have good interpersonal and communication skills: he/she has to know how to approach people. He/she’s able to choose and use the right words, the ones that give a strong, positive impact and allow a clear comprehension of the message.Ni-Cons Career Consulting
  4. A Great Leader has to be a good listener as well. The best leaders are indeed the ones who dedicate their time to understand other people’s needs; a real leader has to bear in mind that no one is a machine, but we are all human beings with ups and downs. Sometimes we simply need a break to talk to someone and there is no better moment for the leader to show his/her positive attitude and willingness to help.
  5. A Great Leader has to manage everything through personal and professional skills, not through a power game. He/she has to lead employees/teammates, encourage them, be an example to follow.
  6. A Great Leader has to believe in the team’s objectives. He/she always has to keep in mind clear ideals and believe in what they are working on. Personal interests have to be put aside. If the Leader takes care of the common interests, the whole team will heed and react positively.

These are some tips to follow to feel confident in a leadership role.

As a result, a smiley and productive team is guaranteed!

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