3 Tips Much Better than New Year’s Resolution

Every December 30th, right before the last day of the year, we usually take some time to reflect about our past year.

‘What did I do wrong?’ ‘What was I good at?’ ‘What can I improve next year?’.

With hopes and energy we take a plain piece of paper to write down our resolution (A.K.A. a list of promises to ourselves that we will probably break by January 15th).

Year after year, despite failing in our past resolution, we write down a new list full of great – yet unachievable – goals.

Instagram for instance, offers every day a variety of successful stories and we often wonder how they were able to make it and how can we stick to our pledges?

In this article you will find 3 useful tips to help you not give up on your resolution:

The 4 factors

Make sure your resolution have a different nature like the ones below.

Sport: A.K.A. anything that is related to wellbeing that allows your body to feel better and to be healthier such as gym, yoga, jogging, walking.

Art & Fun: Picasso said that “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”, as a matter of fact, the ultimate resolution is related to anything artistic. It can be the Caravaggio Exhibition at the National Gallery or that sculpture classes you wanted to attend. You will see, art, in all its forms, will benefit your stress level and your soul. Make sure you’ll have fun too!

Professional – hence personal – Growth: give your very best at work! Attend the workshops offered by your company, never stop learning and you will be a better employee. Your personal fulfillment will be positively affected by it as well as your CV.

Socialisation: your old friends are never to forget; nourish your relationships and dedicate some time to them in the way you prefer: going to the cinema, to a gig, having a glass of wine at home, a walk in the park.

Nevertheless, try your best to meet new people as there is always room for a new pal.

Set goals that will make you feel satisfied

There is nothing worse than trying to accomplish something that makes you feel miserable. Be honest to yourself and think if what you want to achieve will improve your happiness or not.

If it doesn’t, change it to something else.

The most common resolution are about gym, weight and work. Why don’t you give it a go with that cello/tip-tap/Japanese Language classes you have always postponed?

Or the selfless plan to visit once a month the elderly ones at the hospice? It takes courage (and time) to be happy.

One year in Four

Rather than give yourself 365 days to improve, make a 3 months plan. This way you will monitor your achievements and at the same time you will not lose track of your accomplishments.

Don’t rush to reach your goal, instead, enjoy the success of your small progresses. (For example, don’t expect to lose weight in February right after the festive season, give yourself a longer period of time).

Keep a reminder in your diary and do not forget to be strict with yourself.

If you follow these tips you will surely make it for next year. And the harder you try the happier you will be.


Let’s touch base on 2018!

I have been living in London for nearly 10 years. My blood is Italian and my heart is British. I am passionate about coaching, TED talks and women empowerment. I am the Director of Ni-Cons Career Consulting  and the Co-founder of Round the Corner.

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